This guide provides useful tips and information for workers affected by the government shutdown.

Home, Auto, and Other Installment Loans

Banks - You may want to contact your bank and other creditors as soon as possible to make them aware of your situation. Many lenders have set up special hotlines for their customers to set up temporary deferred payment plans or place loans in forbearance, which will protect your credit score.  Others are also offering loans low-interest or no-interest loans. A list of banks offering customers with assistance can be found at

Credit Unions - Credit unions work with their members in times of financial hardship. Contact your credit union directly to see what options and assistance may be available to you as a member affected by the shutdown.

Cash Assistance and Personal Loans

Unemployment Benefits - Furloughed employees may be eligible for unemployment compensation.  Unfortunately, federal employees required to work without pay are not eligible for unemployment benefits. Any unemployment benefits will likely have to be re-paid once the federal shutdown ends.  More information about Missouri unemployment benefits can be found at

Bank and Credit Union Personal Loans - Some banks and credit unions are providing personal loans to federal workers. (1) US Bank is offering their federal government customers with the ability to apply for a $100-$6,000 low-rate, quick loan.  (2) Royal Banks of Missouri is willing to offer a 1% loans to Federal Employees who provide a paycheck stub showing no pay, up to the amounts of 2 paychecks, with repayment when they receive their back pay. (3) Midwest Bank Centre's emergency assistance loan for government workers impacted by the government shutdown is open to customers and non-customers who reside in the St. Louis metropolitan area.  The maximum loan amount is up to $5,000 (based on FICO score and debt to income).  The repayment term is up to three years with initial loan payments being interest only (interest rates between 0.09% and 3.99%). See the additional link above of banks offering assistance.

A list of credit unions offering loan products specifically designed for federal employees can be found at:

Online Lenders - For employees who do not qualify for some of the special programs offered by banks or credit unions, there are several online lenders that provide loans at rates more favorable than payday and title lenders.;;;;;;; and

RedDough - A local alternative to payday loans.  More information can be found at or (314) 776-7364.



Rx Outreach - Contact Rx Outreach if you need financial help refilling your prescriptions. They have provided the voucher below.  They can be reached at 314-627-6228.

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