The Treasurer’s Office has worked with many local banking partners to provide financial resources for citizens. We’ve also collected resources from around the web with tips on budgeting, saving, building your credit and managing debt. Looking for information on a topic we don’t have listed? Leave a comment and we’ll try locate it. Or, come into our office and talk with our financial empowerment staff.

Lunch and Learn

Budgeting And Saving

It's important to figure out the best way for you to create a budget and stick to it! Here are a few ways to start controlling your saving. We've also included some tools and advice on managing your budget.

Budgeting 101
5 Ways to track your budget
Envelope Budgeting
Budgeting Apps
Microsoft budgeting templates
Save and Invest

Managing Debt While Building Credit

A good credit score means that you can qualify for loans to pay for house, education or a car. We've put together information on understanding your score and steps you can take to increase your score. Our Operation HOPE staff member hosts credit workshops and offers one-on-one credit counseling.

Coping with Debt
Power Pay Debt Calculator
FICO Score High Achievers
Annual Credit Report

Local/Online Resources

Millions of American deal with debt. Below are some resources that explain how debt works and what to do to pay off your debt successfully.

Coping with Debt
Power Pay Debt Calculator

For Kids

It's important that children learn about money at an early age. It prepares them for the future!

Online Money Games
Resources for Youth
World of Cents Game

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