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So, What’s The Plan?!

By Reginald Garth Financial Wellbeing Coach Operation HOPE, Inc. There are so many things we all want to accomplish in our lives whether it is to go on that dream vacation, get a new car, or own a home. For others, it’s the dream of wanting to live comfortably once they hit the age of…

Why It’s Important to Talk to Your Spouse/Partner about Money

(This is a guest post by Reginald Garth, Operation HOPE Financial Wellbeing Coach) You and your spouse or partner may not always agree on how to spend money. But it is important to work together for mutual benefit. Why is it important to talk to your spouse/partner about money? Because financial savings also translates to relationship savings. When you…

How Credit Counseling Can Improve Your Finances

When one goes to the doctor for a check-up, the nurse starts by checking your vitals: temperature, weight, blood pressure, etc. This allows the doctor to better understand what is going on with your health and offer solutions to remedy and maintain a good, healthy lifestyle.

The same idea can be applied to credit counseling: it is a check-up of your financial health. Improving financial status can improve your life, and one of the best ways to do that is by having a counselor or coach to aid you on your path to financial independence.

Receiving credit counseling provides steps on how to create and execute a budget, knowledge and understanding of how savings works, and having the confidence to pay down/pay off past debts. All of this works towards improving financial standing.

Debt can be intimidating if you allow it to be. Credit counseling can help you overcome financial intimidation with financial confidence and independence.

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