Saver Spotlight: College Kid Lucian Bica



Meet Lucian, a kindergartner at Wilkinson Elementary.

Lucian knows that he will go to college but hasn't decided which one yet. He does know that he wants to stay close to home. Lucian has already made an effort to save for college by depositing $70 of his own money into his College Kids savings account. He has participated in research studies through Washington University, saved money from his birthday and from chores. Jodie Bica, his mother, has noticed that Lucian thinks about money and savings more often than he did before the College Kids program. 

When Lucian receives money, he considers how much he can save versus how much to spend. Lucian advice to other College Kids is to save for college by "completing research studies with me and save some of their money from chores."

Lucian's parents, Nicolae and Jodie Bica, have always had aspirations for Lucian to attend college. "We've talked to Lucian about going to college since he was two...we want to make sure college isn't overwhelming for him,” the Bicas stated. They describe the College Kids Children’s Savings Accounts Program as the jump start their family needed to begin saving for Lucian’s college education.

The Bicas encourage all families in St. Louis Public Schools to participate in the College Kids program. Referring to the attendance incentive, the Bicas stated, "It's super easy to sign up...It's a great way to help families and get kids to think about future goals."

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    Good job, Nicolae and Jodie! Talking to kids about going to college makes a huge difference in their long-term success. Best of luck!

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