People’s Community Action Corporation (PCAC) Proudly Presents On the Money St. Louis Magazine


People’s Community Action Corporation (PCAC) is excited to bring On The Money St. Louis Magazine to its programs and services for youth and young adults. This project provides an unique opportunity for young adults in St. Louis to work as journalists, photographers, bloggers and website developers.  The team has worked hard to strengthen their existing skills and acquire the new skills, including, creating a website, writing weekly blog posts, utilizing social media and photography, and creating the On the Money Magazine. 

“We support On the Money because we believe financial empowerment is essential for everyone. Commonly, people think that financial literacy is something low-income people need, when in reality, financial literacy is something that people from all walks of life need. You have many middle class people, as well as working class people that don’t know how to manage their savings and manage their daily finances. How you manage these things determines how you are going to spend the rest of your life. Do you want to spend your life working to pay off debt and never move ahead and fulfill your dreams? The financial literacy and tools that On the Money offers to the community will help the young adults start early to understand what money is and how it impacts their life." -Mark Sanford, Executive Administrator of PCAC.

People’s Community Action Corporation also provides other programs and services that empower youth and young adults. Some of the services provided are listed below:

COLLEGE PREP-  Interested in going to college but don’t know where to start? PCAC provides  college prep programs, including assistance to complete college applications, research and apply for scholarships, navigate financial aid and FAFSA, and college tours.

PROVIDING A WORKFORCE FOR THE FUTURE- Are you age 16-24 and looking for a job? Check out HireSmart, a PCAC program that trains and employs young adults in a variety of fields and employment experiences.  Hire Smart employed more than 80 youth and young adults this summer.  

MANAGING ANGER-  Being a teenager can be tough and frustrating at times. Teens often have trouble controlling their anger and emotions. PCAC offers anger management classes for teens to provide different perspectives on navigating challenging situations to help make better decisions in their futures. 

HELPING YOUTH THROUGH DIFFICULT TIMES- PCAC offers individual and group based counseling in some St. Louis Public Schools to help students cope with emotionally trying issues and continue a pathway to achieve success. Their services are provided to help cope with dysfunctional environments, difficult situations, and offer support to youth and families in times of need.

On the Money is currently working on its’ third issue and has exposed 35 youth to careers in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, journalism, photography and social media.  For more details about these and other PCAC programs, visit the On The Money St. Louis website,

PCAC programs are  funded in part by federal funds received from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the Community Services Block Grant, as provided by the Missouri Department of Social Services Family Support Division.


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