Client Spotlight: Shari Mooney



Shari Mooney considers herself to have an advanced degree in finance, thanks to the classes offered at OFE.

Mooney, who works in the City’s Planning and Urban Design department, started attending OFE Lunch and Learn classes in 2014, using what she’s learned to improve her financial situation.

For example, Mooney set a goal to have her credit card debt paid by the end of this year because she wants to be debt free by retirement. She is currently on track to achieve her goal, and she plans to stay debt free by saving and paying cash for purchases.

After attending a Lunch and Learn class on life insurance, Mooney decided that whole life insurance was a better option for her and changed her plan. She says she didn’t know the difference between the types of life insurance available to her before taking this class.

But Mooney is most proud of the changes she has helped her granddaughter make in managing her money. Through the OFE, Mooney learned about a credit booster account offered at 1st Financial Federal Credit Union. Mooney and her granddaughter visited 1st Financial to obtain additional information about the account, which her granddaughter plans to open soon. Mooney’s granddaughter is also interested in saving for her daughter’s college education after learning about the College Kids program and MOST 529.

Thanks to the OFE, Mooney is managing her finances and creating a plan for retirement. She has seen a change in her granddaughter’s outlook on finances as they talk more about budgeting, savings and planning for the future. Mooney’s advice to others is to take advantage of the free services offered by the OFE and “make your money work for you, instead of you working for your money.”

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