Captain Mary E. Edwards-Fears on Credit & Money Management Workshops


Last month, we hosted a Credit and Money Management Workshop in the Office of Financial Empowerment. Participants learned how to create a budget, develop a savings plan and read their credit reports.

When we teach financial empowerment classes, participants often walk away with a sense of enlightenment and excitement because they have a plan for how to manage their money. This was the case for Captain Mary E. Edwards-Fears with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Captain Edward-Fears provided the following workshop testimonial:

“[The Office of Financial Empowerment] hit a homer again! I attended the Lunch and Learn- Credit and Money Management Session today (at City Hall) and I must say it was probably the best one yet. It was full of financial information and regardless of whether your credit history is good or bad, there was something to learn from the instructor. The biggest take-away: your credit rating is used to consider you for employment, insurance and housing? I did not know this!!!” - Capt. Mary E. Edwards-Fears

If you want to begin your journey to financial freedom, like Captain Edwards-Fears, join us for our next Operation HOPE Credit and Money Management Workshop on December 1 at 1:00 pm the OFE. Find details and register here.

To schedule an one-on-one appointment or attend an upcoming workshop click here. All Operation HOPE services are free!

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